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Fly Screens for Windows

Don't worry if you can't spot the screen on some of the pictures below, they're all there doing their job but they blend in with the windows as they should.
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Fly Screens for Windows Image 1

The Genius Model

The Genius top mounted pull down flyscreen is suitable for most domestic windows and it's spacious cassette can be fitted with different mesh options. 

The spring loaded standard fly screen mesh is almost invisible in use and retracts neatly into the cassette when not required. 

A superior braking system is also fitted which allows smooth and slow retraction of the screen mesh back into the cassette and out of sight on release.

Fly Screens for Windows

The Unika Model

The Unika Model is similar to the Genius Model but slimmer and sleeker looking. This compact roller flyscreen also has a superior built-in braking system to allow smooth automatic retraction of the insect mesh into the cassette when the screen is not in use.

Fly Screens for Windows

Unika Mid Stop

The Unika Mid Stop is an advanced version of this ever popular compact top mounted roller flyscreen. The Mid Stop feature will allow you to cover two opening widows with just the one screen or cover just the one open window when required.

Fly Screens for Windows

Eazy Slider

The Eazy Slider is a strong extruded aluminium sliding system, designed primarily for commerical window application but equally suitable for domestic use on large windows and even doors. The photo shows the Eazy Sliding screens in a domestic kitchen.

Fly Screens for Windows

Lift Out

An economy fly screen suitable for most types of sliding sash windows, inward opening windows with shutters and some sliding panel windows. The picture shows it being used to screen a part opened shutter to allow fresh air in but keeping flying insects out. 

Fly Screens for Windows Image 6

Alpha Omega Interior Fit

A screen specifically designed for use with tilt & turn windows. Effectively a semi fixed exterior screen inserted into the window frame aperture from inside and unaffected by normal opening and closing of existing window.

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If you want some help choosing the right fly screen or just want to discuss a quote, then please call us on 01670 829414. We're happy to talk about our flyscreens and what option will suit you best.

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