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Fly Screens for Commercial Windows

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Top Mounted Genius Vertical Roller

This retractable roller flyscreen model is suitable for commercial use in certain situations only e.g. where the air is clean, it is not recommended for window positions close to deep fat fryers or ovens as the mesh can become clogged and difficult to clean.

The Genius model can spring operated or chain driven or a chain and spring combination. Bottom bar catches can be external and adjustable or a concealed fixed type. Models with fitted slow rise brake available only on the spring operated version.

Fly Screens for Commercial Windows

Top Mounted Unika Vertical Roller

This model is a versatile and compact retractable roller flyscreen system suitable for selective use only in commerical situations, it should not be used near deep fat fryers or immediately over ovens. Model now includes a superior braking system which allows smooth automatic retraction of the screen mesh into the cassette when not in use.

Fly Screens for Commercial Windows

Alpha Omega - Tilt and Turn

A screen designed for use with tilt & turn windows and particularly useful for windows above ground floor level as they are effectively a semi fixed exterior screen inserted into the window frame aperture from inside the building and unaffected by normal opening and closing of the existing window. If your windows are on ground floor there is a much simpler solution, see model K1 and T10 lift-out.

Fly Screens for Commercial Windows

Eazy Single or Multiple Sliding panels

The Eazy slider is a strong extruded aluminium system designed for commerical application featuring ease of operation, cleaning and access to existing windows. Single, two, three or four sliding panels can be housed in a continuous run up to 5 metres wide, with maximium height of 2.1m

Fly Screens for Commercial Windows

Chain Screen Lift Off

The easiest and quickest solution if your windows are causing a flyscreening design headache! Acceptable to Environmental Health Officers where no other type of tight fitting mesh screens are possible due to existing window design difficulties.

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K1 & T10 Lift Out

The K1 & T10 models are a simple rigid window panel screening system. They are very easy to make-up and fit and are very versatile.

Depending on the model chosen, they can be used as a fixed screen, a side or top hinged screen or they can be secured with simple turnbuttons only. Just give us a call on the number below if you have any questions on any of our commercial screens or need help choosing the best model for your requirements, we will be more than happy to help. 

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If you want some help choosing the right fly screen or just want to discuss a quote, then please call us on 01670 829414. We're happy to talk about our flyscreens and what option will suit you best.

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