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Fly Screens for French Doors

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Unika Double or Single (side mounted) Retractable

The Unika side mounted double retractable roller flyscreen is the ideal insect screen for most types of domestic doorways. The screens are spring loaded and fully retractable with a superior braking system that allows controlled retraction back into the cassettes and completely out of site when the screen is not in use.

Fly Screens for French Doors

Genius Double or Single (side mounted) Retractable

Similar to the Unika model, the Genius door screen is suitable for most kinds of domestic doorways. It too is spring loaded and has the superior braking system. Due to its larger capacity cassette the Genius is available with different mesh options and can also cover wider door openings. 

Fly Screens for French Doors

The Mirage (side mounted) Retractable

The Mirage retractable roller screen is our top of the range flyscreen suitable for many different types of doorway. Please note that this Model is available fully fitted only, i.e. we CANNOT SUPPLY ONLY made-to-measure for self fitting.

Fly Screens for French Doors

Vertical Roller (top mounted)

The Genius top mounted pull down retractable flyscreen is suitable for some types of domestic doorways where a side mounted screen is not practical or possible. We would not however recommend this option if the doorway is used for regular entrances and exits.

Fly Screens for French Doors

Side Hinged - Regal Double or Single

The Regal system is a strong extruded aluminium profile in white or brown finish ideal for domestic use. For hinged double door screens we recommend our full design and installation service.

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Anodised Aluminium Chain Link

Our chain link screens are made of the finest quality anodised aluminium chain hung on an aluminium picture- hook rail. They are so easy to install, the rail is simply fixed above the doorway for a permanent or temporary fitting.

The easy walk through nature of chain screens makes them ideal for large doorways to let in lots of fresh air while keeping flying insects out.

N.B. Not suitable for households with young children as there is a risk of strangulation.

Interested in Fly Screens for French Doors?

If you want some help choosing the right fly screen or just want to discuss a quote, then please call us on 01670 829414. We're happy to talk about our flyscreens and what option will suit you best.

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