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Fly Screens for Bi fold and Sliding doors

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Fly Screens for Bi fold and Sliding doors Image 1

Plisse Insect Screens

Excellent design and technical innovation combine to offer custom-made pleated retractable screens. These screens are often the only practical choice for bi fold or sliding doors where the doors have a very low threshold or no bottom door frame to attach a guide rail to. The view remains good through the pleated mesh, however it IS noticeable enough so as not to walk into it by mistake!

Fly Screens for Bi fold doors

Plisse has a low threshold 

The exceptionally low 2.7 mm high floor track can be applied to hard floors only using a strong adhesive. The low threshold means that this screen can be used on doors that have no bottom framework, this may be of particular interest for those who require easy wheelchair access. 

Fly Screens for Bi fold doors

Plisse is easy to use

The pleated mesh is not under spring tension so will stay in any position when opening and closing, a feature also useful when carrying items or for frequent pedestrian traffic, e.g. when having a garden party / barbeque. Please note, these screens are intended for careful personal use only.

Fly Screens for Bi fold doors

Plisse has many uses

The Plisse can be used to screen virtually any type of domestic opening such as Garden Rooms, Verandas, Porches, Lanais, Home Workshops etc. Please note that these screens are designed for careful personal use and are NOT suitable for use by very young children or to be used as a pet screen. The mesh does NOT carry a guarantee.

Fly Screens for Bi fold doors

Unika & Genius Retractable Screens

For bi fold or sliding doors that have a bottom framework or threshold of at least 20mm in height, a double retractable screen may be the simplest solution? A cassette is mounted vertically at each side of the doorway and the mesh screens simply draw out horizontally across the door opening to join together magnetically in the middle. These screens are suitable for internal or external fitting and some models are also available in both insect and pet screen versions.

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Chain Screens

For a lower cost alternative, a chain screen might be the ideal choice. The screens are made of the finest quality anodised aluminium chain hung on an aluminium rail. They are so easy to install, the rail is simply fixed above the doorway for a permanent or temporary fitting. These screens are suitable for internal or external fitting. The easy walk through nature of the chain screens makes them ideal for wide doorways to let in lots of fresh air while keeping flying insects out. Available in plain colours or stripes, or a wide range of standard patterns at an additional cost. Please Note: We would not recommend chain screens for a household with young children present due to a risk of strangulation.

Interested in Fly Screens for Bi fold and Sliding doors?

If you want some help choosing the right fly screen or just want to discuss a quote, then please call us on 01670 829414. We're happy to talk about our flyscreens and what option will suit you best.

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